DrasineA story about love, nature, wildlife, intuition, and trusting yourself.

Samantha and Jake have one and a half days to find and free the golden dragon, Drasine, from her deadly captor and turn her over to the murderous leader of the Lesser smugglers, or Jake will be killed. Sam is also worried Jake is going to leave her, and Jake has even worse concerns that he won’t tell Sam. Forced to fight in a Death Match against deranged Lessers, Sam and Jake learn that the secret mentor of Gorgon, the Evil One, is behind everything, and that one of them may have to die to save the other…

…nonstop action, monsters, & giant creatures—with quirky humor…

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“After reading WhipEye, I was anxious to read the sequel … I was not disappointed. As much as I liked the first book, I enjoyed Gorgon even more. The character development, action, and pacing kept me hooked and, as the story neared the end, I found myself anticipating what questions may be answered in his next book, Drasine.” –Cathy Pinkosky, Reading Specialist, SEC, District 287

“The WhipEye series is a rollicking great adventure and my students really relate to the characters. They can’t wait to get their hands on the next,volume. It gets them excited about reading!”,—Eileen Marshall, Elementary LMS, Portage Community Schools

“…one of the most imaginative tales I have read in a very long time. I,recommend it to all readers who enjoy the theme of good versus evil in a,majestically magical battle which trumps any fantasy tale I have ever read.”,— Rosie Malezer 5-Star review from Readers’ Favorite

“The author created a very polished read with well-developed characters and,easy flowing dialogue. This is a book I would expect to be offered by a large,publishing house as the attention to detail is definitely there.”,Judge in the Ian Book of the Year Awards