Green Essentials

green_essentials-resizeA nationally endorsed one-volume encyclopedia of environmental issues, their impact on the planet, and solutions for individuals and businesses.

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“A one-volume encyclopedia of environmental issues, offering a mountaintop perspective of the entire spectrum of contemporary environmental challenges.  At the same time, Green Essentials furnishes sufficient detail to understand the scientific basis for our concerns. Together, these aspects provide the reader with insight and inspiration to explore creative opportunities  to become involved in protecting life on Earth.” — Jay D. Hair, president of National Wildlife Federation

“Thoroughly researched, well written, and clearly presented. In this age of well-financed public relations efforts, sound-bites, and disinformation campaigns by those who would despoil the environment,Green Essentials provides a concise, informative voice of reason for the concerned layperson.” — Victor M. Sher, president of Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund

“A timely and valuable resource and handy reference work for the concerned citizen, Green Essentials provides accurate information clearly relevant to the perilous environmental situation we all face.” — Noel J. Brown, director of United Nations Environment Program