Stress Free from Rainy Day Syndrome

Stress Free from Rainy Day Syndrome:A Practical Guide to End Stress, Restore Calm, and Find Happiness

See why experts agree! Read this book and it will transform your life. Say goodbye to daily stress & hello to happiness!

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“An enjoyable and easy read, I read it at just the right time in my life – Right before John and I went on our backpacking trip in Canada, which turned out to be the most rugged and challenging hiking I’ve ever done. I kept thinking about your book and it helped me to see that the difficult parts of the trail were challenges to be met and overcome. Your book is an inspiring and empowering journey to help us take control of our responses to life’s lovely chaos and challenges so that we can seize the day!”   Linda Gaveske, RN

“Saign’s newest book on ending stress, achieving happiness and restoring calm in all situations is a practical and playful guide that skillfully teaches self-awareness. Simple tips and carefully crafted exercises help readers curb negativity and cultivate positivity in their lives. It is a quick read that has the potential to transform your life! I highly recommend it for adults of all ages.” Mary Jo Kreitzer, PhD, RN, FAAN Director, Center for Spirituality and Healing (CSH), University of Minnesota

“I was riding my bike the day after finishing Stress Free from Rainy Day Syndrome and noticed I was focused on peddling with all my energy. Suddenly, I could hear Geoff’s voice, “Is this what you really want?” My goal was to enjoy a beautiful morning on my bike, not arrive somewhere in a hurry. I slowed down and began to allow myself to be aware. I stopped to let a pedestrian cross the street. I thanked some folks on the sidewalk protesting for social justice. I enjoyed the beauty of flowers planted on the boulevards. In short, I practiced kindness toward myself, which led me to connect to the world around me and to others. Geoff’s hard-earned insights into cultivating self-compassion, human decency and mercy is a much needed message to us all.” Helen Wells O’Brien, M.Ed., M.Div. Board Certified Chaplain in a children’s hospital

“A practical guide to finding the positives in life, sharing that with others, and strategies to make your rainy days have a bit more sunshine. Such a great reminder of how many things can be so simple. And beautiful.”   Megan Ramirez, DO   Obstetrician Gynecologist 

“Geoff Saign reminds me that taking myself too seriously can spoil potentially fun activities, upset the balance of power between nations, and ultimately doom all life on planet Earth. That’s an exaggeration, of course; one of several fun exercises in his new book designed to reframe your point of view and clear the mind for intentional decision-making and productive communication.” Ken Epstein, PhD, a researcher and inventor with 35 years of experience   working in corporate America

“Simple, straightforward, fun, and easy-to-read—I wish I would have had this book decades ago! A unique and practical way to reduce stress and increase happiness, without stressing over it!” Dennis J. Grubich, MSSW, LICSW, former Senior Mental Health Therapist, Wilder Foundation

“Mr. Saign’s encouraging, no nonsense, G-rated voice shines through this quick read. An amusing, practical guide to cognitive restructuring. Simple tools to change your brain and be more engaged in living!”  Cori M. Hildebrandt, MA LPC, Mediator, Meditator, and Psychotherapist

“Empirically informed but practically written, Geoffrey Saign’s newest work illuminates the often enervating emotion, anxiety. The reader will learn how anxiety serves a useful purpose in life when it motivates us to act, sharpens our decision making, and dispels avoidance. For too many, anxiety often manifests itself in unhealthy ways and becomes a crippling foe. Mr. Saign writes with a compassionate tone and empathic understanding of what it is like to be stricken by chronically anxious states. He beautifully paces education with pragmatic exercises which guides the reader in making anxiety an ally once again.” Joseph E. McEllistrem, Ph.D., Psychologist